SP / Machine filler mastic for dry interior premises

  • For all traditional surfaces
  • For dry rooms
  • For filling in a thin and medium thick layer
  • Ready to use
  • Little shrinkage
  • Expressive white colour
  • Easy and plastic coverage
  • Easy to grind sand and not dusty


  • The surface to be treated must be clean, durable and dry
  • Before filling, mineral surfaces must be primed with SAKRET BG or SAKRET UG primer (diluted with water 1:4)
  • Prime sandy or crumbling surfaces with SAKRET TGW primer before filling
  • Filler putty is intended for mechanical puttying in dry rooms
  • After the putty dries, the surface is sanded with sandpaper (150 - 240)
  • If necessary, putty is applied in several layers
  • Works can be carried out if the air temperature is ≥+10°C and the air humidity is ≤80%
  • During the grinding process, the dust does not rise into the air, but elegantly falls to the ground


25 kg / polyethylene bags / 20 bags on a pallet

Tehnical data

ConsumptionDrying timeGrindpHSolids content, %Storage timeComposition
1,7 kg/m²/mm60-90 minutes / 1mm layer≤0,25 mm11 - 13>75%12 monthsStyrene-acrylic dispersion binder, inert material fillers, thickeners and additives
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