SAKRET’s responsibility is to provide users with all the necessary information about product systems, service and technological processes, so that the end result is that the product is used correctly and the building functions for decades. Understanding this, SAKRET offers to hold both theoretical presentations and seminars, as well as practical product application demonstrations and product mechanical development presentations, upon request. SAKRET employees are industry professionals, so they want to work together to improve the quality of construction through education.

• Heating systems
• Installation of tiling systems and floors
• Rehabilitation and restoration of historical objects
• Masonry, concrete and plasters
• Primers, paints and building chemistry
• Use of construction machinery for mechanized product development
• The most common mistakes made in the construction process
• etc.

To apply for training, please contact SAKRET project manager Ingus Pumpurs
Mob. +371 28369920
e-mail: [email protected]

Technical consultations

Uncertainties arising during the construction process or simple answers to interesting questions related to the construction process can be quickly and easily found out by contacting an experienced SAKRET Service expert:
• Product technical consultations;
• Correct application of products;
• Application of construction techniques in the processing of Sakret products;
• Consulting in the object, choosing the right solution;
• Other advice and recommendations;
SAKRET service application technologist – Jānis Placēns
Tel. +371 26156688
e-mail: [email protected]

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