SMS / Ready – made decorative silicone – silicate plaster

  • Combined plaster based on silicone and silicate binders
  • Included in the certified insulation systems SAKRET ETICS EPS and SAKRET ETICS MW
  • High hydrophobicity, easy to apply and plastic
  • Reinforced with polypropylene fibres
  • High mechanical resistance
  • A curd type and raindrops / worm type
  • mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm fractions
  • White and tintable


Surface preparation

  • The base must be dry and firm, all cracks and voids must be filled
  • Clean the surface from loose and/or separable layers
  • The base must be primed with SAKRET PG primer
  • If the decorative plaster is applied on a highly absorbent surface, it must first be primed with the primer SAKRET TGW or SAKRET BG, then with SAKRET PG
  • If the decorative plaster is tinted, we recommend using SAKRET PG tinted primer for priming the surface


  • The containers and tools that will be used for mixing and developing the SAKRET SMS material must be clean and rust-free.
  • Stir well before use
  • The material is applied to the base with a stainless-steel trowel or spatula so that the thickness of the layer is equal to the grain size of the decorative plaster.
  • Create the decorative surface structure with circular movements (for the structure of curd and worm) or vertical movements (for the structure of raindrops) - use a plastic grater


  • 25 kg / plastic buckets / 16 buckets on a pallet

Tehnical data

Chemical composition: silicone resin, potassium silicate solution, synthetic reinforcing fibres, hydrophobizers, fillers, pigments and additives

Specific weight, g/cm³Consumption (1,5 mm fraction)Consumption (2,0 mm fraction)pHFormStorage time
175 ± 0,051,8 - 2,5 kg/m²2,8 - 3,0 kg/m²10,5 - 11,5Paste type12 months
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