RM / Shrinkable mortar

  • For assembling reinforced concrete elements
  • For filling and repairing interpanel vertical and horizontal joints during the operation of buildings
  • Anchor bolts for machines and building structures
  • Exterior and interior work
  • Thickness from 3 mm to 100 mm (in cases of moulding or anchor bolts)
  • Hand-operated and mechanises


  • The surface shall be clean and mechanically resistant
  • Clean the surface from less persistent and/or separable layers
  • It is recommended to prime the surface with the universal soil SAKRET UG (diluted 1:3) or the construction soil SAKRET BG prior to treatment.


  • Inject the mortar into a clean container with cold water until a homogeneous mass without lumps is formed
  • A mixer of 600 rpm is recommended for mixing
  • Remix after maturing time (~ 3 mins)
  • The quantity of composition shall be prepared in such a way that it can be developed in 15 minutes
  • Amount of water required approx. 0,11 litres/kg
  • Carry the finished mass to the surface with a spatula or metal board and align
  • Once the mortar has begun to bind, no more water should be added!
  • Protect fresh mortar from rain and dry too fast
  • Containing Cr (VI) ions of soluble hexavalent chromium 0,0002%


  • 25 kg paper bags/48 bags per palette

Tehnical data 

Pressure strength (after 1 day/night):Pressure strength (after 7 day/nights)Pressure strength (after 28 day/nights)Flexural strength (after 28 day/nights)Expansion after 28 daysStorage time
≥25 N/mm²≥40 N/mm²≥50 N/mm²≥7 N/mm²+0,006%12 months
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