DPC / Lime – cement paint

  • Especially suitable for painting historical buildings, surfaces with damaged horizontal waterproofing and walls
  • Ecologically clean
  • Very high water vapor permeability
  • Very high resistance to changes in humidity in the painted surface
  • Suitable for different types of mineral surfaces
  • Can be used on fresh concrete surfaces
  • Resistant to climate change
  • For new and previously painted surfaces
  • Can be tinted with mineral pigments


  • Clean the surface from grease, dirt, salts and microflora
  • A very porous, loosely bound or chalky surface must be cleaned to a firm base
  • If there are organic coatings or paints on the surface, they must be removed
  • Do not use putties of organic binders!
  • Fill damaged areas with SAKRET putty SFP or SAKRET LCC, depending on the surface to be painted
  • A calcium-based detergent or water can be used to clean surfaces
  • The surface to be painted must be dry and clean
  • The surrounding glass, ceramic, clinker and metal surfaces must be carefully covered (lime paint has an alkaline effect)
  • When starting painting, mix in such an amount of paint that it is enough to paint the entire plane from one corner of the building to the other
  • Paint one plane in one day with the colour of one mixture
  • When applying paint on surfaces of different textures, the visual effect can create the impression of differences in tone
  • If the paint is applied to an unevenly dried surface, spots may appear in different areas that will not disappear later
  • If the painted surface comes into contact with water during the drying process, spots and paint runoff may appear on the surface
  • Paint the surface in 2 layers with 8 hours drying between layers
  • Mix the dry paint with water until the consistency of fresh cream


  • 10 kg / plastic bucket

Tehnical data

DensityStorage timeChemical compositionTint / glossConsumption, kg/m2pH
0,85 g/cm³12 monthsLime hydrate, titanium dioxide, mineral fillers, rheological additivesWhite0,25 - 0,65 11 - 13,5
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