CC / Fine finishing facade filler

  • For the smooth filling of facades
  • For mineral surfaces
  • Water and frost resistant
  • Water vapor permeable
  • For dry and wet rooms
  • Based on white cement
  • Grindable


  • The surface to be processed must be clean, flat and stable
  • Before filling with SAKRET CC, mineral surfaces must be primed with SAKRET BG or SAKRET UG (diluted with water 1:4)
  • Prime sandy or crumbling surfaces with SAKRET TGW primer before filling
  • If the putty SAKRET CC will be used on a surface previously covered with a film-forming paint, it must be separated from the surface mechanically and fixed with the primer SAKRET UG (diluted with water 1:3) or SAKRET TGW
  • Mix SAKRET CC with clean water until a homogeneous mass is formed
  • It is recommended to use a mixer with 600 turns per minute
  • After the curing time (~5 minutes), mix again and work with a trowel into an even layer
  • Putty SAKRET CC can be coated with any SAKRET paint intended for application on mineral surfaces
  • Grind the filled surface within 48 hours after application


  • 10 kg / plastic bucket

Tehnical data

Storage timeCompositionConsumptionFire safety class
24 monthsStyrene-acrylic dispersion binder, dolomite flour, ceramic beads, other fillers and additives1,43 kg/m²/mmEuro class A1 (non-flammable)
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