ZP-1 / Water reducing / plasticizing additive for concrete

  • Allows to plasticize concrete or masonry up to grade S4 and process at negative temperatures
  • Does not promote layering of concrete
  • Increases the flexural strength of concrete
  • Does not contain chlorine ions


  • Formwork and building elements must be cleared of snow and ice
  • For production and processing of ready-mixed concrete at air temperatures up to -15°C
  • Additive is added together with water intended for concrete preparation
  • It is recommended to calculate the amount of additive as part of water in the water-cement ratio
  • The use of the additive does not exempt you from observing the concreting rules in winter conditions

Tehnical data

Chemical composition: Formic acid salt and sodium lignosulfonate solution in water


  •  1l, 5l, 25l / plastic can, 1000l container
Storage timeCertificateColourSpecific weightDry residue, %Consumption at 0°C to -5°CConsumption at -5°C to -10°CConsumption at -10°C to -20°C
24 months1327-CPR-0899 LVS EN 934-2+A1: 2012,T2Brown1,16 g/cm³29 - 31%1.5-2.5% by weight per 1kg of cement2.5-3.8% by weight per 1kg of cement3.8–5% by weight per 1kg of cement
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