XM 3 – 900 / Forced action mixer

Planetary mixer for every application of material preparation. For capacities of up to 70 liters


  • Tub edge scraper with a rubber lip.
  • 2 tool options with different speeds.
  • Timer (90, 180 sec./continuous).
  • Short mixing times for high hourly throughputs of material.
  • Items supplied: 3-piece set of mixing tools + 1 x 90 liter special mortar tub.
  • Trolley recommended (extra).
  • Made in Germany

Suitable for:

Reaction resin compounds, exterior insulation finishing systems, concrete (-16 mm) floor coatings, all types of mortar, screed, fillers, etc.

Size of mixing tub: 90 liter
Max. effective volume: - 70 liters
RPM of mixing mechanism: 2x120 / 1x630 rpm
Edge scraper speed: 40 min -1
Dimensions (g X p X a): 1075x730x845 mm
Weight: 117 kg


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