WK 120 HF / Mixing tool

WK mixing tool with two wide mixing blades. Ideal for all sticky and viscous materials, e.g. cement, plaster, ready-mixed mortars, etc.


  • Every mixing tool is made of steel, unless stated otherwise, with a powder-coated finish in RAL 5018, turquoise.
  • Suitable for various applications, the WK mixing tool is notable for outstanding conveyance of the material.
  • With two wide mixing blades for easy guidance in the material and minimal stress on the drive machine.
  • Made in Germany

Mixing action:

  • The material is conveyed up to the top of the container from the bottom and then flows back down again at the sides.
  • This is suitable for the processing of heavy mixtures such as mortar, plaster, cement, and sand- and pebble-filled materials.
  • The mixing tool works into the material easily with a screwing action.


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