TFIX 8M / Facade fixing with metal nail

Versatile hammer-in facade fixing with steel nail recommended for ETICS. Used for fixation of polystyrene (EPS) boards, mineral wool, light wood wool building boards, polyurethane (PU) boards, cork boards.


  • Plug sleeve: impact resistant copolymer of polypropylene PP
  • Nail pin: electro zinc plated pin
  • Head coating: polyamide PA 6.0 (Nylon) reinforced with fibre glass


  • Simple installation in all standard substrates (A, B, C)
  • Excellent plate stiffness (value 1.0 kN/mm) ensures smooth elevation surface and stable insulation system
  • The long plastic over moulding on the TFIX-8M nail minimizes thermal bridging (value 0.002W/K), contributing to energy-saving benefits
  • Unique nail design allows for high load-bearing capacities. This reduces the quantity of fixings required per square meter of insulation
  • The shortest embedment depth at the maximum strength parameters
  • Pre-assembled expansion nail saves time and labor.


  • External thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS);
  • Polystyrene (EPS) boards;
  • Mineral wool; Light wood wool building boards;
  • Polyurethane (PU) boards;
  • Corkboards.

Approved for:

  • Concrete C12/15-C50/60 (Use category A)
  • Solid brick (Use category B)
  • Solid sand-lime brick (Use category B)
  • Hollow sand-lime brick (Use category C)
  • Hollow brick (Use category C)
  • Hollow lightweight concrete block (Use category C)
  • Vertically-perforated clay block (Use category C)
  • Lightweight concrete block (Use category C)

Installation tips:

  • Drill a hole of required diameter and depth;
  • Lightly tap the plastic sleeve through the insulation material into hole with a hammer, until fixing depth is reached and plastic sleeve flush with insulation material;
  • Hammer the nail into the plastic sleeve until fixing is secure and flush with insulation material;
  • Embedment depth of min 25mm in approved materials;
  • Drilling depth of min 35-45mm in approved materials.
  • In soft insulation panels the fixing should be combined with insulation retaining plates KWL-90, KWL-110, KWL-140 ts.



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