Complies with EN 1504-2 (coating (C) according to PI, MC and IR principles).

  • Designed for vertical and horizontal waterproofing of buildings
  • Can be used in rooms with increased humidity and for installation of waterproofing under tile finishing
  • For indoor and outdoor work on solid mineral bases - concrete, porous concrete, brickwork, plaster (CSII and CSIII class), etc.
  • Resistant to UV rays, frost resistant, forms a waterproofing coating.


Surface preparation

  • The surface must be dry and firm, all cracks and voids must be filled
  • Clean the base surface from less durable and/or removable layers


  • Pour part of the liquid component (B) into a clean container and pour the dry component (A), mix, add the remaining liquid component (B) until a homogeneous mass of the required consistency without lumps is formed
  • After the ripening time, ~3 min., mix again
  • The ratio of components A:B = 2.5:1
  • The material that has started to harden must not be re-mixed with the liquid component!
  • Apply the prepared waterproofing with a trowel or brush
  • The second layer is laid perpendicular to the first layer
  • Process two-component waterproofing within 60 minutes
  • The second layer is applied after about 4-6 hours, when the first layer has hardened and cannot be mechanically damaged
  • Hardening time depends on temperature, air humidity and layer thickness
  • The thickness of one layer is up to 2mm


  • 5 kg

Tehnical data

Processing timeAir and foundation temperatureMay be covered with tilesColourProportion of componentsMass consistenceConsumption (in two layers, if one layer thickness is 1mm), kg/m²Volume weight (kg/dm³)
Up to 1h +5°С till +25°С After hardening of TCMGrayA:B=2,5:1Plastic mass2,81,4


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