SSA 1363 160 SM / Reinforcement mesh

Surface of glass fiber mesh can be coated with an impregnating agent, which stabilizes the weave pattern, ensures an excellent alkali resistance and provides protection from aggressive environmental effects - humidity, temperature, and alkali, which is essential for external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS or External Thermal Insulation Composites Systems).


  • Manufactured of alkali-free alumina borosilicate (E-type glass fiber)
  • Construction glass fiber mesh meet the ETAG 004 requirements, as certified with national compliance certificates received in various countries: Poland, France, Germany, Austria, and Latvia.
  • The compliance of the construction mesh with European Assessment Document (EAD) 040016-00-0404 is certified with European Technical Assessment (ETA) 16/0526, which grants the right to mark our products with the CE marking.


  • High thermal resistance 600°C
  • Water and chemical resistance.
  • Non-combustibility,
  • Quality control and standards;
  • High tensile strength;
  • Glass fiber is a wholly natural material, ecologically pure and non-harmful to human health; it is formed from one the earth`s most abundant materials, quartz sand mineral over 25 million years old, which is melted in a furnace at 1580°C with other raw materials. The resultant liquid glass melt is spun into fibers.
  • The quality and durability of glass fiber products have been proven in industry, lasting throughout the lifetime of high technologies and a wide range of different industrial products.


Impregnated glass fiber mesh is used:

  • in outside thermal insulation systems of buildings,
  • for indoor plaster strengthening- for the repair of walls, floors, and ceilings,
  • for a provision of high mechanical strength.
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