SKF / Water dispersion silicone paint

  • Good coverage
  • Ecologically clean
  • Matted
  • Resistant to atmospheric effects
  • High water vapor permeability
  • Repels water and dirt
  • Resistant to alkali and acid rain
  • Protects the surface from CO2 exposure
  • For new and previously painted surfaces
  • Protects the surface from the formation of microorganism populations and algae
  • White and tintable (A and C bases)
  • We recommend using tones from the "Sakret DESIGN" and "Sakret COLOR GUIDE" tone card


  • Clean previously unpainted surfaces from dirt and dust
  • Dense and smooth concrete surfaces resulting from the removal of forms must be treated with a sand-blast or a wire brush
  • Paint fresh concrete surfaces no earlier than 28 days after completion of construction works
  • For previously painted surfaces, clean off the peeling paint, then prepare in the same way as a fresh surface
  • Prime the surface with SAKRET FM primer-concentrate, which must be diluted with water in a 1:3 ratio before use.
  • Apply as much primer as the surface can absorb
  • Painting can be done 12 hours after priming
  • Mix the paint thoroughly before use
  • Paint with a roller, brush or sprayer in 2 layers
  • For the first layer, the paint can be diluted with water (up to 10% of the volume)

Tehnical data

pHSolids content, %Quantity of GOS (V°C) in grams per liter (g/l)Water permeability (EN 1062-3)Water vapour permeability (ISO 7783-2)Drying time at 23°C and relative air humidity of 50%ConsumptionStorage timeChemical compositionDensity, g/cm³
8-9582w < 0.1 kg/m²/V 24 st., class 3Sd < 0,14 m, class 1Surface can be painted repeatedly after 12 hours4-8 m²/l at single application24 monthsSilicone resin emulsion, acrylic dispersion, pigments, fillers, additives1,30-1,50
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