SFP Fine / Fine facade filler

  • For smooth plastering of facades;
  • Can be used in the SAKRET recovery and historic building system as a final layer;
  • For indoor and outdoor work;
  • High vapor permeability;
  • Cement content up to 6%.


Preparation of the foundation:

  • The foundation must be dry, firm and without cracks. Clean the foundation from less durable and/or separable layers, as well as from dust, dirt, oils, paint residues, etc. adhesion-reducing dirt;
  • Highly absorbent mineral surfaces and plasterboard must be primed with SAKRET BG primer or SAKRET UG concentrated primer diluted with water, in a ratio of 1:3;
  • Crumbling surfaces must be primed with SAKRET TGW depth primer;
  • Non-absorbent surfaces must be primed with quartz primer SAKRET QG;
  • Especially dense and smooth surfaces should be treated with an abrasive material.


  • To prepare filler, mix the dry mixture in a clean container with cold water until a homogeneous mass of the required consistency without lumps is formed. After the ripening time, mix again;
  • Apply the prepared mixture on the surface with a spatula and level it evenly;
  • Hardened filler can be sanded with fine sandpaper (240 μm).


20 kg / plastic bucket / 16 gab. on the pallet

Tehnical data

ConsumptionMaximum grain sizeAchieving full hardnessFire safety classStorage time
1 kg/m²/1mm<0,25mmAfter 28 daysEuroclass A1 (non-flammable)24 months
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