OAD Elastic Primer / Primer before HYDRO-INSULATION (concentrate)

  • OAD ELASTIC PRIMER - for the treatment of surfaces before the application of SAKRET OAD ELASTIC waterproofing, concentrate
  • For bathrooms, kitchens and sanitary units
  • Improves the adhesion of SAKRET OAD ELASTIC waterproofing to the surface
  • Strengthens the base
  • Use SAKRET FKe, FKW, FFK or FFKs for gluing tiles
  • For internal works


Surface preparation:

  • The surface must be dry and firm, all cracks and voids must be filled;
  • Clean the surface from loose and/or separable layers;
  • For stable and dense surfaces, dilute the primer with clean, cold water in a ratio of 1:4. For wood, plasterboard, plywood, etc. c. similar surfaces, use undiluted!


  • Apply the product in a thin layer with a roller or brush and dry;
  • The working and surface temperature of the product must not be lower than +5ºC;
  • Before treating heated floors, turn off the heating at least two days before applying the primer;
  • The surface is ready for further processing after 1-2 hours (depending on the drying conditions).


  • 1 l, 5 l, 20l

Tehnical data

Density, g/cm³Drying timeStorage timeChemical compositionColourConsumption per m²pH
1,0 g/cm31 - 4 h (depending on drying conditions)12 monthsLatex dispersion of styrene butadiene with additivesWhite0,15 kg for dense surfaces, 0,4 kg for porous surfaces7 - 9
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