MRP-E / Mineral decorative plaster

  • Mineral binder base plaster;
  • Included in the certified insulation systems SAKRET ETICS EPS and SAKRET ETICS MW;
  • Based on white cement;
  • White in colour and tintable with mineral pigments;
  • A rain drops type or a worm type;
  • 0 mm and 3.0 mm fraction;
  • High water vapor permeability;
  • Easy to apply and plastic;
  • We recommend using colours from the SAKRET ETICS system for colouring; SAKRET KS (silicate), SAKRET FM (acrylic) or SAKRET SKF (silicone resin).


Surface preparation

  • The base must be dry and firm, all cracks and voids must be filled;
  • Clean the base from loose and/or separable layers;
  • The base must be primed with SAKRET PG primer;
  • If the decorative plaster SAKRET MRP-E is applied on a highly absorbent surface, it must first be primed with the primer SAKRET TGW or SAKRET BG, then with SAKRET PG;
  • If the decorative plaster SAKRET MRP-E is tinted, we recommend using the tinted primer SAKRET PG for priming the surface.


  • Containers and tools that will be used for mixing and processing the material SAKRET MRP-E must be clean and free of rust;
  • Mix SAKRET MRP-E in a clean container with cold water until a homogeneous mass is formed;
  • To avoid colour tone differences, it is important to precisely dose the water and mix the entire contents of the bag at once;
  • After the ripening time (~3 minutes), stir again;
  • SAKRET MRP-E is applied to the base with a stainless-steel grater or spatula so that the thickness of the layer is equal to the grain size of the decorative plaster;
  • Create the decorative surface structure with circular or vertical movements (for the structure of the rain drops type) - use a plastic grater;
  • The material that has started to harden should not be diluted with water, but should be mixed again.


  • 25 kg / paper bags / 48 bags on a pallet

Tehnical data 

Chemical composition: cement, building lime, special inert additives, additives and auxiliary materials for improving processing properties

Compliant with the standardConsumption (2,0 mm fraction)Consumption (3,0 mm fraction)FormStorage timeFire safety class
LVS EN 998-13,0 kg/m²3,9 kg/m²Crumbling12 monthsEuroclass A1 (non-flammable)
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