Mineral pigments

  • SAKRET mineral decorative plaster SBP or MRP-E can be tinted with mineral pigment in various shades.
    • Two jobs at the same time - by applying tinted decorative plaster, you will be able to combine plaster pulling and painting;
    • Tone card for pigments intended for SAKRET decorative plasters SBP and MRP-E;
    • SAKRET mineral pigments can also be used for tinting other mineral materials;
    • 18 shades available.


  • • Add warm water to the pigment up to the mark on the wall of the container
    • Close the container and shake it thoroughly until the pigment is evenly dissolved
    • The entire pigment solution is added to the water intended for the preparation of decorative plaster
    • Add SAKRET decorative plaster (1 container of SAKRET mineral pigments per 25 kg of decorative plaster)
    • Mix the decorative plaster thoroughly, wait 10 minutes and mix again
    • Apply the decorative plaster on a previously primed surface
    • Full planes must be covered in one work process


200g / plastic container/ 24 pcs. in box

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