LP-1/ Water-reducing, plasticizing additive for concrete

  • Very effective plasticizer;
  • Used in the production of concrete and mortar mixtures for civil, industrial and transport construction;
  • Allows to reduce cement consumption by 15-20%;
  • High degree of plasticization (from S1 to S4), low consumption;
  • The mobility of the concrete mass remains;
  • Hardened concrete has high plasticity and increased bending strength;
  • Does not contain chlorides.


  • Intended for production of transport concrete, reinforced concrete constructions, monolithic concrete structures, construction of tunnels and bridges;
  • Add 0.5 - 1.0% of the cement mass.

Tehnical data

Chemical composition: Sodium lignosulfate and soda ash.


  • 1000l container (only on order).
ColourDry residue, %Density, g/cm³pHStorage temperatureStorage timeCertificate
Brown27-291,14±0,019-11+5°С till +30°С12 months1327-CPR-0895 LVS EN 934-2+A1:2012,T2
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