LM / Light mortar

  • For masonry of walls from light ceramic or expanded clay blocks
  • Cement based
  • Strength class M5
  • Excellent climatic resistance
  • Reduces thermal conductivity of seams
  • For filling cavities when high material strength is not required


  • Blocks or bricks must be clean and dry, they must not be iced
  • Mix SAKRET LM in a clean container with cold water until a homogeneous mass without lumps is formed
  • About 30-34 litres of finished mass can be obtained from 20 kg of SAKRET LM
  • About 57 kg of SAKRET LM is needed for masonry of 1m3 Keraterm building blocks
  • During the hardening phase of SAKRET LM, protect from sunlight, drafts, frost and excessively high temperatures (>+25 ºC)


  • 20 kg / paper bags / 35 bags on a pallet

Tehnical data

Maximum grain sizeCompressive strength after 28 days/nightsThermal conductivity coefficientFire safety classStorage time
> 5 mm≥ 5 N/mm²0,21 W/mKEuroclass A1 (non-flammable)12 months
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