LCC / Mineral facade putty with light filler

  • Suitable for levelling of all types of mineral surfaces
  • It can be used to create bas-reliefs and all kinds of decorative elements, to fill deep depressions and damages caused by erosion
  • The thickness of one layer is up to 50 mm
  • Hardened material can be grinded easily, resistant to cracking, can be painted with all kinds of mineral surface paints
  • The small volumetric weight practically does not create a load on the facade elements
  • Can be used for outdoor and indoor work, as well as rooms with increased humidity
  • Two types of fractions are available - 0.5 mm and 1 mm


  • The foundation must be dry, clean and stable. The temperature of the substrate and the surrounding environment, during processing and curing, must be in the range from +5°C to + 25°C
  • Clean the base from dust, oils, remnants of old paint and surface material layers that have begun to separate
  • Prime the surface with SAKRET UG primer - diluting it with water in a ratio of 1:3, or, in the case of loose surfaces, with SAKRET TGW primer.
  • Mix SAKRET LCC-1 or SAKRET LCC-0.5 putty in a container with cold, clean water until a homogeneous mass without lumps is formed
  • Leave the mixed mass for 3 minutes and mix again
  • Apply the resulting putty mass to the treated surface with a metal trowel
  • The material that has started to harden must not be diluted with water!
  • The treated surface can be grinded after 12÷24 hours, depending on the hardening conditions
  • Protect the treated surface from frost, direct sunlight, atmospheric precipitation and drafts during the putty hardening!
  • Consumption: About 13.5 litres of finished putty can be obtained from 15 kg of dry mixture
  • The minimum layer thickness for SAKRET LCC-1 is 1 mm and for SAKRET LCC-0.5 is 0.5 mm

Tehnical data

Maksimālais frakcijas izmērs Ūdens iejaukšanai 1 kg Vienas kārtas biezums Spiedes stiprība pēc 28 diennaktīm: Lieces stiprība pēc 28 diennaktīm: Izstrādes laiks: Apstrādes un pamatnes temperatūra Svaigas javas blīvums, kg/dm³ No 1 kg maisījuma var iegūt Ugunsdrošības klase
 LCC-1 līdz 1mm apm. 0,3 litri no 1 mm līdz 50 mm ≥12 N/mm2 ≥3,5 N/mm2 apm. 1,5 stundas no +5°C līdz +25°C 1,45 kg/dm³ aptuveni 0,9 l gatavas špakteles A1 (nedegošs)
 LCC-0,5 līdz 0.5 mm apm. 0,3 litri no 0.5 mm līdz 50 mm ≥13 N/mm2 ≥3,0 N/mm2 apm. 1,5 stundas no +5°C līdz +25°C 1,45 kg/dm³ aptuveni 0,9 l gatavas špakteles A1 (nedegošs)
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