LAP / LAP Fine / Acoustic Plaster

  • For creating light, heat-insulating and sound-insulating surfaces on various mineral bases, fibrolite, ceramic bricks and blocks, aerated concrete blocks;
  • Suitable for plastering walls in one or more layers, forming a layer of up to 70 mm;
  • For filling various cavities, where high mechanical strength of the material is not required;
  • Workable manually or with plastering machines;
  • For outdoor and indoor works.


  • The base must be firm, dry, durable and without cracks;
  • Clean the base from less durable and/or separable layers;
  • Water-absorbing surfaces must be primed with SAKRET BG primer or diluted SAKRET UG primer in a ratio of 1:3. To create an adhesion layer on smooth surfaces, prime with quartz primer SAKRET QG;
  • Mix SAKRET acoustic plaster in a clean container with cold water until a homogeneous mass without lumps is formed;
  • After ripening time, approx. 3 minutes, mix again;
  • The material that has started to harden must not be diluted with water!
  • All works must be carried out in accordance with the regulations for plastering works. To obtain a very flat surface, use fine-grained plaster SAKRET LAP Fine for the final layer.
Thermal conductivity, λNoise blow impact (100mm thick layer SAKRET LAP/LAP FINE and 30mm mineral wool (density from 80-110 kg/m3 ), in compliance with ISO 10140-3:2011ConsumptionVolume of ready mortarStrength class (according to LVS EN 998-1)Fire safety classSound absorption rate, in compliance with ISO 354:2003 (Layer thickness 40 mm)Sound absorption rate, in compliance with ISO 354:2003 (Layer thickness 90 mm)Layer thicknessWater for mixing 12.5 kg of dry mixtureVolumetric weight of material, kg/m³
0,117 W/m*KΔLw=37 dBApprox. 20 kg/m² of dry mixture, if layer thickness is 50 mmFrom 12,5kg to approx. 32lCS IA1 (non-flammable)αw=0,35, class D αw=0,45, class D 20-70 mm6,8 – 7,0 l~450
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