KG / Water dispersion acrylic primer paint for interior works

  • Intended for indoor walls and ceilings before painting with water-dispersion paints, except for silicate paint
  • As a finishing paint, it is used in places where high washing resistance is not required
  • Used for priming of new and previously painted plasterboard, plaster, concrete, brick, wallpaper surfaces
  • Improves surface adhesion
  • Balances surface water absorption capacity
  • Excellent coverage
  • Ecologically clean
  • Non-drip
  • White base, tintable in light shades


  • Mix the primer thoroughly before use
  • The product must be spread evenly on the surface
  • When laying the first layer of primer on the surface, as well as using a sprayer for primer application, if necessary, the primer-paint can be diluted with water (up to 10% of the volume)
  • The temperature of the surface to be primed and the surrounding air during painting and drying should be between +7°C and +25°C, relative air humidity ≤80%. If the temperature in the room is too high or there is a draft, a low-quality paint film may form
  • When using the product for ceiling painting, painting should be done in the direction of light


  • 1 l / metal jar
  • 3 l, 10 l / metal bucket

Tehnical data

Chemical composition: water polymer dispersion, pigments, fillers and additives
Tone/gloss: white/fully matte
Dry residue, %Quantity of GOS (V°C) in grams per liter (g/l)Drying time at 23°C and 50% relative humidityConsumptionStorage timeDensity, g/cm³Viscosity, P (Brookfield, LV4, 5 rpm)
551Re-paint the surface after 2h5 - 15 m²/l (depending on surface)24 months1,44- 1,4840 - 80
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