HF / Hydrophobizer

  • The product is used for processing structures made of reinforced concrete, panels, monolithic concrete, bricks, plastered and other traditional mineral building materials, which are important to protect from atmospheric precipitation and water entering the structure.
  • The treated surface repels precipitation and dirt
  • The surface can be washed with a jet of water after processing
  • The surface can be painted with film-forming facade paints
  • The product cannot be used as a basis for horizontal or vertical waterproofing


  • The surface must be cleaned and dried before application
  • Hydrophobizer is applied to the surface with a brush, roller or spray as much as the surface is able to absorb.
  • The temperature of the surface and the surrounding air during processing and drying must not be lower than +5ºC
  • After drying, the surface acquires water-repellent properties

Tehnical data


Depends on surface roughness and porosity, as well as processing method and conditions

  • Concrete, lime/cement plaster SAKRET CLP+: 4-6 m²/l
  • Clay brick: 14-16 m²/l
  • Mineral decorative plaster SAKRET SBP 2 mm: 3-5 m²/l
  • Clay concrete blocks: 1.5-3 m²/l
Ķīmiskais sastāvsKrāsapH pie 20°CpHSausais atlikums, %Storage time
Silikonu dispersija, piedevasBalta, izžūstot caurspīdīgs slānis1,00 g/cm³6-811%24 mēneši
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