GMS / Gas concrete and silicate block adhesives

  • Cement base
  • Strength class M10
  • Excellent adhesion characteristics
  • Adhesive and repair work
  • To be used as repair compound
  • Excellent mechanical and climatic stability
  • Grey and white


Surface preparation
  • Blocks must be clean and dry
  • Clear the substrate from less persistent and/or separable layers
  • Special water-absorbing bricks/blocks should be moistened


  • Mix  SAKRET GMS in a clean container with cold water until a homogeneous consistency mass without lumps is formed
  • It is recommended to use a blender at 600 rpm
  • After maturing time (~ 3 minutes), mix repeatedly
  • Once the mortar has begun to bind, no more water should be added!
  • Protect during the hardening phase from sun, draught and too high a temperature (> 30 °C)
  • Protect fresh adhesive mortar from rain and excessive drying


  • 25 kg/paper bags/48 bags per palette
  • 1,000 kg/BigBag pack/pre-order
  • 10 000 kg - 20 000 kg/mobile transport silo

Tehnical data 



Strength class (according to LVS EN 998-2)Grain sizeVolume of ready mortar (25 kg)Drying for 1mm mortar layerAchieving full hardnessConsumptionFire safety classStorage time
M10≤0,6mm~ 18 l24 hAfter 28 days~1,4 kg/m² (if the layer thickness is 1mm)Euroclass A1 (non-flammable)12 months
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