FR / Protective agent against fungi and algae

  • For neutralizing fungal and algae colonies on masonry, concrete, blocks, etc. surfaces
  • After drying, the treated surface can be painted without washing
  • Can be used for sterilization of industrial production facilities
  • No special skills are required to use the product


Surface preparation

  • The surface to be treated must be dry and clean
  • Clean and rinse dirty and dusty surfaces with a high-pressure washer
  • Dry the rinsed surfaces thoroughly before processing


  • Apply to the treated surface with a painter's roller, brush or sprayer
  • After drying, the surface can be painted, plastered, finished, etc. construction works
  • Work in nitrile rubber gloves and safety glasses!
  • Carefully study the product safety data sheet!

Tehnical data

  • Chemical composition: Biocide demineralized water solution


Depends on surface roughness and porosity, as well as processing method and conditions

  • Concrete, lime/cement plaster SAKRET CLP+: 3-5 m²/l
  • Clay brick: 12-14 m²/l
  • Mineral decorative plaster SAKRET SBP 2 mm: 2-4 m²/l
  • Ceramic concrete blocks: 1.5-3 m²


  • 1l / plastic bottle
  • 5l, 10l / plastic can
Storage temperatureProcessing temperatureStorage timeShapeScentDensity, g/cm³pH
+5°C to +30°C>+5°C3 yearsColourless liquidNon-intrusive1,006 - 8
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