FM G / Primer before painting (concentrate)

Water dispersion primer for surface preparation before painting - environmentally friendly, transparent, strengthens the surface and also improves its adhesion. With SAKRET FM G, you can even out the absorbency of the surface and reduce paint consumption.


  • For outdoor and indoor work;
  • For concrete surfaces;
  • For plastered lime, lime-cement, mineral and rehabilitation plaster surfaces;
  • For brick and cement fibre board surfaces;
  • In cases of repainting surfaces, if they have been previously painted.


  • 5 l, 10 l / plastic bucket

Tehnical data

Chemical composition: water polymer dispersion, additives
Drying time at 23 °C and relative air humidity 50%: surface ready to paint after 8 h
ConsumptionStorage timeTint / glossDensity, g/cm³pHQuantity of GOS (V°C) in grams per liter (g/l)
16 - 24 m²/l24 monthsWhite (becomes transparent after drying)1,00- 1,048 - 91
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