FK / Tile adhesive (grey / white, class C1)

  • For wall and floor decoration
  • Cement based
  • For ceramic and stone mass tiles (no larger than 35x35cm)
  • For gluing on concrete or other stable mineral surfaces
  • Waterproof and frost-resistant


  • The base must be dry and firm, all cracks and voids must be filled
  • Clean the base surface from less persistent and/or separable layers
  • Particularly dense and/or smooth foundations should be treated with an abrasive material
  • Surfaces must be primed with SAKRET UG primer (diluted in a ratio of 1:3)
  • Especially smooth concrete surfaces should be primed with SAKRET QG primer
  • Mix SAKRET FK in a clean container with cold water until a homogeneous mass without lumps is formed
  • It is recommended to use a mixer with 600 turns per minute
  • After the ripening time (~3 minutes) mix again
  • Cover as much surface area with glue as can be covered with tiles in about 15 minutes
  • Deformation joints must not be filled with tile adhesive
  • Do not perform tiling work in direct sunlight, drafts and on wet surfaces
  • The technical data refers to a temperature of +20°C and 50% relative air humidity. Lower temperature increases, higher - decreases the specified values
  • During the hardening phase, protect the tile adhesive from the sun, drafts, frost and excessively high temperatures (>25°C)
  • Hardened tile adhesive can only be removed mechanically
  • Contains cement, reacts alkaline
  • Protect skin and eyes, follow technical instructions. If the mortar gets into the eyes, rinse with a large amount of water, if necessary, consult a doctor
  • Protect the packaging from weather conditions, store on wooden pallets, in a cool and dry place, cover torn packaging immediately


  • 5 kg / paper bags / 200 bags per pallet
  • 5 kg / paper bags / 96 bags on a pallet
  • 25 kg / paper bags / 48 bags on a pallet
  • 1,000 kg / Big-Bag packaging / pre-ordered
  • 10,000 kg - 20,000 kg / mobile transport silos

Tehnical data

Sticking time for applied adhesiveConsumption per m² (for 4x4 mm toothed trowel)Consumption per m² (for 6x6 mm toothed trowel)Consumption per m² (for 8x8 mm toothed trowel)Consumption per m² (for 10x10 mm toothed trowel)Compliant with the standardMay walk and fill groutsFire safety classStorage timeCompositionAdhesive class according to standard (LVS EN 12004)
~15 min.1,8 kg2,7 kg3,6 kg4,5 kgLVS EN 12004after 24 hoursEuroclass A1 (non-flammable)12 monthsCement, special inert additives, auxiliaries and auxiliary materials for improving processing propertiesC1
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