Under sill profile PVC with mesh is a permanent dilatation connection of a window sill and plaster. Connection of the profile with glass fibre mesh and reinforcing mesh fabric is used on the thermal insulation surface.


  • PVC


  • Ensure tight and elastic connection of the sill to the system;
  • Eliminates cracking between a window sill and plaster (performed with foam tape with a thickness of 4 mm);
  • Protects the system against weather effects;
  • Prevents cold penetration;
  • Aesthetics - perfectly straight ending;
  • Eliminates the need for additional joint filling;
  • Opening angle 90° - 130°.

Installation tips:

  • For a firm connection, the window sill lower part has to be free of adhered pollution, dust and grease;
  • The window sill can be glued onto the profile only after hardening of binder used to glue the profile onto the thermal insulation;
  • Press the sill profile in the prepared bed and align with a spirit-level;
  • Then press the profile reinforcement mesh in the adhesive;
  • Coat the entire profile mesh gradually into the building adhesive;
  • For window and door openings it is necessary to perform diagonal reinforcement in the corners using fibre glass mesh in the min. size of 20 x 30 cm;
  • First push it to the window frame and then press it to stick it to the sill profile;
  • Finally fix the sill to the window frame with screws.
  • Application temperature must not be lower than 5°C;
  • Installation work must be performed within the temperature range of +5°C to +30°C. At low temperatures, there must be counted with a lower starting glairiness and a longer time for the reaction of the adhesive with the window frame.

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