Arch corner bead is used for making of untypical shapes, especially in arch making and is suitable for ETICS systems.


  • PVC


  • Used to strengthen and reinforce corners on inner arch curves;
  • Protects edges against mechanical damage, prevents hairline cracks;
  • Profile crease makes it easy to smooth off plaster;
  • Perforations on both sides assure that profile bonds strongly to leveling compound;
  • Chemically stable, does not react with plaster;

Installation tips:

  • Before applying, the glass fibre on the sections (spaces) on the arch side must be trimmed up to the top of the section, frequency depending on the radius of the arch;
  • The profile should be placed on the edge of the arch and fixed in place in a manner to suit the thickness of the plaster;
  • When creating the arch the profile should be shaped gradually and evenly according to the radius of the arch;
  • The profile must be placed onto a pre-stretched construction adhesive (leveling compound);
  • The trimmed glass fibre strips must be reinforced with fabric front on the ETICS system or with 20x30 cm diagonal glass fibre strips.
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