DP / Dry lime paint

  • Especially suitable for painting historical buildings, surfaces with damaged horizontal waterproofing and walls
  • Can be used on fresh concrete surfaces
  • High vapor permeability
  • Resistant to climate change
  • Ecologically clean
  • For new and previously painted surfaces
  • Can be tinted with mineral pigments


  • The surface to be painted must be dry and free from grease and dirt;
  • A very porous, weakly bonded or chalky surface must be cleaned to a firm base, unevenness must be smoothed;
  • The organic paint on the surface must be completely removed!
  • Cracks and gaps should be cleaned and repaired with a surface-like composition;
  • Before painting, the surrounding glass, ceramic, clinker and metal surfaces must be carefully covered (lime paint has an alkaline effect);
  • The paint is mixed with clean water (depending on the absorption capacity of the base surface, the amount of added water may change) to the desired consistency;
  • Process within 48 hours.


  • 10 kg / plastic bucket

Tehnical data

Storage timeChemical compositionTint / glossDensityGrindFormpHDrying time at 23°C and 50% relative humidityConsumptionSolvent
12 monthsLime hydrate, titanium dioxide, mineral fillers, rheological additivesCompletely matte0,7 g/cm³≤200 μmWhite powdery12 - 131 - 2 h0,3 - 0,7 kg/m²Clear water
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