DLX 120 HF / Mixing tool

The DLX mixing tool is ideal for leveling compounds and liquid materials. Thin-bed adhesives, leveling compounds, liquid coverings, etc.


  • The DLX mixing tool was specially developed for the optimum preparation of thin-bed mortar for the cementing of concrete precision blocks.
  • The two turbine blades, fitted one above the other, provide a strong flow of material to prevent the formation of lumps.
  • Every mixing tool is made of steel, unless stated otherwise, with a powder-coated finish in RAL 5018, turquoise.
  • Made in Germany

Mixing action:

  • In this method the material is swirled horizontally, with the components flowing up and down in accordance with the movement of the mixing tool.
  • Fewer air inclusions in the material and generally higher shear forces prevent the formation of lumps.


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