DIE / Damp proof fabric

  • 3-ply waterproof membrane protects floors under thin-set tile installations from substrate cracks and moisture migrationMaterial:
    • Substrate: upper layer of Polypropylen non-woven and under layer of Polyester non-woven
    • Coating: one inner layer of Polyethylene waterproofing membrane


    • Uncoupling and sealing on floors;
    • Sealing and decoupling membrane to be applied with tiles or natural stones for safe decoupling and perfect waterproofing.
    • If used as indoor waterproofing membrane suitable for medium to high loads of nonpressurized water but only to be applied on floors (e.g. floors of domestic bathrooms and sales floors with large-size tiles or on outside balconies and terraces where no living space is situated underneath).
ColourTotal widthTotal thicknessWeight of materialTemperature resistance: min. / max.Length in roll
Yellow / black1000 mm1 mm375 g / m²30°C / + 90°C15 metres
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