CP-K / Binding Retardant Additive


  • The additive increases the time required for the mixture to transition from the plastic state to the solid state;
  • Has plasticizing qualities;
  • Delays the onset of binding by 90-120 min. compared to the control mixture;
  • Delays the binding end time by 360 min. compared to the control mixture;
  • Binding strength after 7 days – 80-90% of the control mixture;
  • Binding strength after 8 days ≥ 90% of the control mixture.


  • For ready-mixed concrete and mixtures that need to be transported;
  • Can be used for tense reinforced concrete structures;
  • At low air temperatures, the onset of binding slows down.

Tehnical data

  • Chemical composition: sulfonic acid, polycondensation product based on melamine, sodium lignosulfonate, additives.


  • 1000l/container;
  • 25 l / plastic bucket.
ColourDry residue, %Density, g/cm³pHChloride ion contentConsumptionStorage temperatureStorage timeCertificate
Brown31-331,13±0,019-11<0,20,6–1,0% +5°С to +30°С12 months1327-CPR-1011 LVS EN 934-2+A1:2012, T8
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