CEM I 52.5 R / White cement Aalborg White

  • For preparation of construction mortar and concrete
  • High mechanical strength
  • In white colour
  • High resistance to sulphates
  • Low alkali content
  • High light reflecting ability


  • Pour cement and fillers into a container or a concrete mixer, add cool, clean, required amount of water
  • Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is formed
  • When the finished mortar or concrete has acquired the necessary consistency, it can be applied

  • Protect from exposure to atmospheric precipitation
  • Store in a dry and cool place
  • Cover torn or damaged bags immediately or place them in a polythene bag
  • Reacts alkaline
  • Protect your eyes, follow the technical instructions
  • If the cement gets into the eyes, rinse with a large amount of water, if necessary, consult a doctor


  • 5 kg / paper bags / 200 bags per pallet
  • 25 kg / paper bags / 60 bags on a pallet

Tehnical data

Ugunsdrošības klaseStorage timeStiprības klaseGarantētā spiedes stiprība pēc 2 dienu cietēšanasGarantētā spiedes stiprība pēc 28 dienu cietēšanasSārmu saturs
Eiroklase A1 (nedegošs)12 mēneši52,5 200 kg/cm²500 kg/cm²0,2 - 0,3%
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