BK Foam / Adhesive for fixing of thermal insulation panels from -5°C to +30°C

• Ready-to-use polyurethane adhesive for fastening thermal insulation panels to facades and foundations;
• High adhesion strength and productivity;
• Excellent thermal insulation properties / prevents the formation of cold bridges;
• Low coefficient of expansion;
• Easy to use and low consumption;
• It is recommended for adhesion of thermal insulation panels to foundations in SAKRET thermal insulation systems;
• Recommended for work at low temperatures and high air humidity.


• Connect the aerosol can to the foam gun and shake thoroughly;
• Before adhesion of the thermal insulation panels on the external walls of the building, it is necessary to mount the SAKRET aluminium plinth strip or the alternative plinth profile SAKRET ALB-EB-PVC-20;
• When fixing the adhesive, as part of the insulation system, evenly apply BK-FOAM on the insulation panel parallel to the edges of the thermal insulation panel (2-4 cm from the edge) and one adhesion strip in the middle of the panel parallel to the longest edge (space between the glue strips ~25 cm);
• When warming the foundations of the building, BK-FOAM adhesive is applied in 5 vertical strips parallel to the shortest edge of the plate, observing a distance of 2 cm from the edge of the plate;
• Until the glue has completely hardened, use supports for insulating basement covers or balcony ceilings;
• After applying the adhesive, you have to wait ~2 min, the panel is applied to the wall with a little pressure using a long trapezoid ruler;
• The surface level of the reinforced thermal insulation panel can be corrected in 5 min. at a time;
• If the work is carried out in adverse weather conditions (during strong wind or precipitation), the SAKRET protective mesh SN90 or film must be used on the scaffolding;
• Spots smeared with fresh adhesive can be cleaned with polyurethane foam cleaner or acetone;
• Hardened layers can only be removed mechanically. After removing the gun from the holster, it should be cleaned with a polyurethane cleaner.

 Tehnical data

Cylinder temperature during usePermissible humidityConsumption of materialApplication temperature
+5°C to +30°C50 % and moreFor facade insulation ~8m2 per cylinder, for foundation insulation boards ~12 m2 per cylinder -10°C to +30°C
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