BK / Adhesion mortar for thermal insulation panels

  • For adhesion of stone wool and polystyrene foam thermal insulation panels
  • Cement based
  • With adhesion and flexibility improving additives
  • Included in the certified insulation system SAKRET ETICS EPS and SAKRET ETICS MW
  • Water vapor permeable
  • Water and frost resistant
  • Grey colour


Surface preparation
• The base must be dry and firm, all cracks and voids must be filled
• Clean the surface from less persistent and/or separable layers
• Particularly dense and/or smooth surfaces should be treated with an abrasive material
• Highly absorbent surfaces must be primed with SAKRET BG primer or SAKRET UG primer (diluted 1:3)

• Mix SAKRET BK in a clean container with cold water until a homogeneous mass without lumps is formed
• If the wall is flat (unevenness <10mm/m), then apply SAKRET BK with a toothed spatula (tooth size - 10mm) on the entire surface of the thermal insulation panel and stick it to the base
• If the wall is uneven, then apply SAKRET BK on the edges of the heat insulation panels (~5cm wide and 2cm high) and put 6 balls of the material on the surface of the panels, then stick to the wall
• If the thermal insulation panel is made of mineral wool, then SAKRET BK is first rubbed into the surface of the panel


• 25 kg / paper bags / 48 bags on a pallet
• 1,000 kg / Big Bag packaging / pre-order
• 10,000 kg - 20,000 kg / mobile transport silo

Tehnical data 

Chemical composition: cement, special inert additives, auxiliary materials and auxiliary substances for improving processing properties

ConsumptionFire safety classStorage time
~4 - 6 kg/m²Euroclass A1 (non-flammable)12 months
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