BE (Wet) / Shotcrete

  • Suitable for repairing of concrete and reinforced concrete structures;
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor work;
  • Compressive strength after 28 days ≥ 45 N/mm2;
  • Particle size: ≤ 3.0 mm.


Surface preparation:

  • The foundation must be firm, durable, without cracks;
  • It is necessary to clean the surface from crumbling layers, as well as from other separable materials;
  • Particularly dense and/or smooth surfaces should first be treated with sandblasting or abrasive material.


  • Apply the mass to the required layer thickness, level and smooth;
  • The thickness of one layer, depending on the position of the surface, 20-50mm;
  • The next layer is applied after the base layer has hardened sufficiently.

Tehnical data

Compressive strength after 28 days/nightsFlexural strength after 1 dayFlexural strength after 28 daysAdhesionFlexibility moduleFire safety classMaximum grain sizeWater per 1 kg of dry mixAir and surface temperatureCompressive strength after 1 day
≥ 45 N/mm²≥ 6 N/mm²≥ 9 N/mm²≥ 2,5 N/mm²≥ 20GPaA 1 (non-flammable)till 2,5 mmapprox. 0,113 litresFrom +5°С till +25°С≥ 20 N/mm²
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