BE-FIX / Fast-hardening concrete floor / concrete

  • Cement base
  • Accelerated hardening time
  • For the manufacture and repair of concrete and reinforced concrete structures
  • Suitable for heated floors
  • Excellent mechanical and climatic resistance
  • Especially convenient for small concreting works (laying concrete and stone slabs, as well as paving, repairing or creating steps, repairing foundations, etc.)
  • Convenient for concreting works in the garden and summer house (concreting posts, creating borders, strengthening railings, setting up playgrounds, etc.)
  • Minimum layer thickness – 40 mm
  • For processing manually and mechanized


Surface preparation:

  • The surface must be firm, durable and without cracks
  • Clean the surface of less persistent and/or separable layers
  • Particularly dense and/or smooth foundations should be treated with an abrasive material
  • Observe all the preparation conditions of SAKRET BE-FIX indicated on the material package


  • When concreting, use non-absorbent or weakly absorbent forms
  • Treat the moulds with mould oil
  • Provide a sufficient protective layer of reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures
  • For the surfaces of large horizontal structures, observe the intervals of deformation joints
  • Place the concrete in the forms evenly and seal
  • Apply the mass in the required layer thickness, seal, level and smooth
  • Do not fill the deformation joints with concrete!


  • 25 kg / paper bags / 48 bags on a pallet
  • 1000 kg / big bag packaging / by pre-order
  • 10,000 - 20,000 kg / in mobile silo

Tehniskie dati

Strength classGrain sizeVolume of ready mortar (25 kg)ConsumptionConsumptionMinimum layer thicknessFire safety classStorage time
C25 (EN 13813)≤12mm~ 12,5 l~ 2,8 l80 kg/m² (if the layer thickness is 40mm)40mmEuroclass A1 (non-flammable)6 months
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