AS SAKRET HOLDINGS information on the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the state of emergency in the Baltic States to limit the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), AS SAKRET HOLDINGS provides a number of precautionary and organizational measures.

The company, as usual, ensures the production of the necessary product groups, fulfilment of orders and delivery to its customers and cooperation partners, fully satisfying the market demand.

The company’s employees, whose work specifics allow it, work remotely, but the production employees and other responsible specialists are divided into shifts, thus limiting mutual communication. For the day-to-day monitoring of the situation, a risk management group has been established, which is responsible for compiling up-to-date information and implementing additional requirements. All business trips have been cancelled.

A research process has been carried out and there is constant communication with suppliers about the risks in the supply of raw materials. No problems have been identified in the supply of strategically important raw materials.

Due to uncertainty of the situation regarding the further course and duration of the coronavirus (Covid-19), as well as future preventive decisions, made by the responsible services of all Baltic States to limit the spread, the Company is not able to evaluate the long-term impact on its financial performance.

A. Ziedonis,

Member of the Board

Phone no.: +371 28459577

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